What Are Angel Bites Piercings?


An angel bites piercing consists of two upper lip piercings. With this kind of piercing only labret studs are used. An angel bites piercing is a version of the Monroe (or Madonna or Crawford) piercing. The Monroe piercing is a piercing that is done off center and above the upper lip. It resembles a beauty mark, such as Marilyn Monroe (and Madonna and Cindy Crawford) had. The angel bites is sometimes called the double Madonna or the anti bites or crayfish. If you wear long barbells with this type of piercing it looks sort of like the antenna found on a crayfish.


After a piercing of this nature, the lip may swell a lot. You will need to keep the facial area where the piercing is and the oral (mouth) area clean and both sides of the jewelry clean. The lip usually heals faster than other areas of the body when pierced. Generally it takes eight to 12 weeks for a piercing to heal but many lip piercings heal in about half that time.


Angel bites and the Monroe piercing don’t hurt as much as getting pierced in other areas because the above-lip area contains only a few nerves and it is soft. However, if you have thick lips, the piercing may hurt a little more because there will be more muscle or flesh to pierce. Men may feel more pain than women because their upper lip area is tougher due to regular shaving.

Mouth Muscle

If you play a woodwind instrument or brass instrument you will have a larger muscle around the mouth and piercing in this area may be uncomfortable for you because the orbicularis oris, which is the mouth’s sphincter muscle, is bigger and tougher. There is a chance that the superior labial area, situated just above the upper lip, could be pierced when getting angel bites or Monroe piercings.

Gums and Teeth

Take into consideration that this kind of piercing can damage your teeth and gums because the back disk of the metal jewelry rubs against the teeth and gums. This can cause enamel erosion and gum recession. You may want to wear a plastic labret stud to reduce the chances of this happening.


A Monroe piercing, which emulates Marilyn's mole, is sometimes called a "mouche," which refers to the name of the fake beauty spots that ladies used to paint over their lips.

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