Heart Shaped Frog Crafts

If you're looking for Valentine's Day animal crafts, try the popular method of constructing animals from heart shapes. An easy animal to start out with is the frog. Make a simple craft involving only a few hearts with younger children. Challenge older children with a more complex craft, or make them yourself to decorate your home or classroom.

  1. Two-Heart Frog

    • This simple design requires two same-size hearts cut from green construction paper. Position one heart right side up, and the other heart upside down with its pointed end about halfway underneath the pointed end of the first heart. The top heart is the frog's head, and the bottom heart is its body. Make eyeballs by cutting two large circles from white construction paper and gluing them to the two rounded humps of the top heart. To make legs, cut four long strips of green construction paper and fold them accordion-style. Glue two strips to the rounded humps of the bottom heart to make the front legs, and glue the remaining two strips behind the bottom heart to make the hind legs. Use a marker to draw a big smile on your frog's face.

    Seven-Heart Frog

    • Cut one large heart from green construction paper. Then cut two medium-sized hearts and four small hearts. Turn the large heart upside-down. The top tip will be the frog's head and the two round humps at the bottom will be its posterior. Glue two small hearts right side up onto the tip of the large heart to form eyes. Glue a wiggle eye on each small heart, and use a marker to draw a smiley face. Make a hind leg by gluing one right-side-up medium heart to an upside-down small heart. Repeat for the second hind leg, and glue the legs to the lower right and left sides of the large heart.

    Frog-Face Garden Stake

    • Buy two wooden heart shapes and paint them green. When they are dry, stack both hearts right side up, one on top of the other. Side the top heart downward a few inches so that the top of the lower heart is visible behind it. Glue the hearts together in this overlapping position. Paint an eye on both humps of the upper heart. Paint a big smile and two dots representing a nose on the lower heart. Glue a wooden dowel to the back of the project and use it as a decorative garden stake.

    Pop-Up Frog

    • Cut a large heart from red construction paper, and then cut another same-sized heart from green paper. Stack the hearts directly on top of each other with the green heart on top. Fold both hearts in half together. Unfold the red heart, but pick up the folded green heart. Cut a 2-inch horizontal line into the folded edge of the heart, creating two flaps above and beneath the cut. Fold the upper and lower flaps into right triangles and flatten. Unfold the entire green heart. Begin folding the heart in half again, but push the two triangle shapes in the opposite direction to form a pop-up mouth. Glue the edges of the green and red hearts together so the red heart acts as a backing. On the green heart, draw a frog around the pop-up mouth.

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