Guide to Shaving a Cocker Spaniel

There are many different styles of cuts for cocker spaniels.
There are many different styles of cuts for cocker spaniels. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Shaving a cocker spaniel requires the right set of grooming tools and equipment. Different breeds of cocker spaniels mean different grooming and shaving procedures. Shaving the hair of cocker spaniels is one way to eliminate matted fur, but an owner must make sure that he follows the correct process or it might lead to permanent fur damage.

Important Tools and Grooming Equipment

Make sure that you own a set of good clippers specifically designed for grooming dogs. These clippers should have the recommended #10 blade. High-quality thinning scissors and a pair of straight scissors will be needed to trim the fur. Purchase a set of fur brushes that includes a pin and a slicker brush, horse-hair glove, and a metallic comb. Use a snood or a hair band to hold the ears in an upward position. Compare blow dryers and shampoos designed for dog fur. Two cotton balls will serve as ear plugs.

Bathing Before Shaving

It is essential to bathe your cocker spaniel first before grooming and shaving because dirty fur will make the blades of scissors, clippers and shavers dull. Use the cotton balls on each ear to avoid getting water inside. Choose a brand-name dog shampoo that will leave your dog’s fur shiny and soft. This will make it easier to trim and shave. After bathing, towel off any excess water, then use the dog blower to dry off the fur. Use the different brushes to remove any tangles or mats. This will also help speed the drying process.

Begin With the Back

If you opt to use the comb as the shaver, place the comb at the end of the clipper. Starting from the tail, shave against the hair grain up to the neck. Ensure that the shaved hair falls down on the grooming table and is not tangled with the long leg and side hair. If you are going to use the blade to shave, make sure to shave along the direction of the growth of the hair. This will allow you to have a longer fur length. Shave a small portion of your dog’s back, then power off your clippers to let the blades cool. Brush and smooth down the portion you have just finished shaving to check the remaining fur length. Proceed with shaving the rest of the top coat.

Hind and Front Legs

Use a comb to shave against the hair growth and start from the area where the dog's knee joints are. Shave in an upward direction until you reach the shaved area of the back coat. Make sure that you do not shave the longer hair on the legs and the sides. Continue with the front legs by starting from the foot itself and in an upward direction. Continue shaving towards the whithers until you reach the area of the back coat. Use the hair band or the snood to hold the dog’s ears up, to avoid cutting the ears. Never shave the fur off the back of your dog’s legs.

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