Alternatives to Eggs


Eggs are a common food and symbol, and sometimes you might think you can't live without them. But think again -- there are easy replacements for eggs for almost every circumstance, whether you wish to avoid them for political, environmental or health reasons, or simply because you run out of them at home.

Alternative Protein Sources

  • There are many alternatives to eggs in terms of protein intake. Tofu, wheat gluten, nuts and all sorts of beans are all great vegan alternatives that are high in protein. Cheese and yogurt add protein for those who eat dairy but not eggs. And for omnivores, any kind of meat or fish supplies the same protein that you could have gotten in eggs. No matter what your dietary restriction, eat a variety of protein sources to ensure that you also get as many different vitamins and minerals as possible.

Alternatives for Binding

  • In baking, such as in cakes, cookies and quick breads, eggs are often used to bind ingredients to make them stick. But there are other good binding ingredients. Soft, mashed bananas or applesauce work well in sweet quick breads and other desserts. Blended silken tofu, potato starch, corn starch or flax seeds ground into water work well for making sweet and savory doughs and batters bind. Even soy flour mixed with water or cooked rolled oats will bind your burgers. You can also try a commercial egg replacer.

Alternatives for Loft

  • Sometimes, you need eggs for more than just a binding effect -- well beaten, they provide loft to your food project. However, even for this, there are egg alternatives. Use self-rising flour, or add extra baking powder to the recipe. If you'd like to add more baking soda instead, add extra lemon juice or vinegar to trigger the chemical reaction that causes rising. If you are careful not to beat the ingredients too much once the wet ingredients touch the dry ingredients, you will always get a loftier result.

Alternatives in Symbolism

  • Eggs are powerful symbols of springtime and are prominently feature on holidays like Easter and Passover. But there are other ways to symbolize spring and fertility. Fresh flowers or springtime greens will provide beauty as well as a sense of new life. Also, imagery of baby animals is widely used to symbolize spring. But if you don't want to use real eggs to symbolize spring, choose egg-shapes made from something else, such as the traditional chocolate. You can also get paintable wooden eggs.

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