Facts About Emoticons

While there are many ways of communicating on the Internet, none matches face-to-face communication. Emoticons permit Internet users to express their feelings using cartoon-style icons. Emoticons have undergone a transformation from being made up of solely keyboard characters to being all types of images, including moving ones, like animated GIFs or animated PNGs, and video clips of faces showing an emotion.

  1. "Emoticon" Is From Two Words

    • Put emotion and icon together and you get "emoticon." Called a portmanteau, new words in the English are sometimes created this way.

    Eastern and Western Emoticons are Different

    • In Western countries like the United States, textual emoticons -- like :-) -- are sideways. In Eastern countries like China, they are read from top to bottom. For example an Eastern emoticon might look like this: (^_^).

    Emoticons Can Be Typed

    • Indicate your mood by typing in different punctuation marks in sequence. For example, winking and smiling -- ;-) -- is represented by a semicolon, a dash and the closed parenthesis symbol.

    Facebook Has No Emoticon Options

    • MySpace has a mood indicator that is represented by an emoticon. The social networking website has many icons from which you can select to represent how you are feeling. Facebook doesn't have this option on the site. You have to download emoticons and then copy and paste them to your posts.

    Emoticon Invention

    • According to Scott E. Fahlman, he invented the first publicly used emoticons in the early 1982. The first one he developed was used to communicate "that something was to be taken seriously."

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