How Are Staffing Activities Influenced by Training?


Staffing activities can be greatly influenced by training. From recruiting to making the final hiring decision, training positively influences all phases of staffing. During training tools and techniques that yield the greatest results for recruiting can be identified, and the listening and questioning skills required to produce more effective interviews can be acquired. Learning how to weigh an applicant's responses with the needs of the position brings more qualified applicants to the final interview. As a result, training on how to make the best hiring decision creates a better and more effective workforce.


Learning how to find and use different recruiting sources is a major benefit for your human resources department. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Unfortunately, this is true of many recruiting efforts. Without training, recruiters tend to use the same recruiting methods over and over again, drying up that resource and producing the same type of candidate for every interview. Training can reveal many different outlets for recruiting, thus producing better and more qualified candidates.

Interviewing Skills

Excellent interviewing skills training produces more effective questioning and listening techniques. Training begins by defining an interviewing process that is used for all interviews. This template ensures that every interviewer uses the same steps, which increases efficiency and results. Workshops define and explain active listening skills and behavioral questioning tactics which allow applicants to more accurately describe how they can be an asset to your organization. Training also teaches interviewers how to establish an atmosphere where the applicant is more likely to feel comfortable sharing and explaining their accomplishments.

The Hiring Process

Training can make a tremendous impact on your hiring process by standardizing your system. From recruiting to hiring, your training department influences the way the staffing process operates. Your interviewers will learn how to find the best candidates in workshops and seminars. Deciding which applicant best fits your needs can be practiced and reviewed through role playing and scenarios during training seminars. Additionally, training plays a large role in defining and practicing your hiring process.

Making the Hiring Decision

Once you have whittled your choices down to a select few, you are ready to make your hiring decision. Training your people on what skills and abilities the company desires in a candidate provides tangible qualities to look for during the interview. Asking the same questions of every candidate and then comparing the answers to your needs will results in selecting the best qualified employee. Practice and role playing in training seminars gives interviewers the opportunity to learn and master these important techniques.

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