Activities for Third-Grade Students to Do on Komodo Dragons


The Komodo dragon is the largest living reptile on Earth. It is endangered and exists in the wild in only a few places. If you want to get your students to immerse themselves in the world of this exotic reptile, have them engage in instructive learning activities.

Life-Size Komodo Dragon

  • If you want your students to fully grasp the Komodo dragon's size, you can combine math skills with science to create a full-scale Komodo dragon. Have your students measure out and draw a Komodo dragon in chalk on your blackboard or outside on a safe area of the school sidewalk. An average Komodo dragon is 8 feet long and weighs about 200 lbs. A large Komodo dragon may even get as long as 10 feet. Take this activity a step further by having students use large lengths of paper to create life-size paper Komodo dragons. Encourage them to color these in accurately and hang them in your school hall for others to see and enjoy.

Komodo Menu

  • If you are studying the diet of the Komodo dragon, have your students create menus for a specialized Komodo dragon restaurant. Komodo dragons are carnivores and known to be cannibalistic. They will eat other smaller Komodo dragons, pigs, deer and sometimes water buffalo. Zoos feed them rats. Encourage students to have fun with these menus but to stick with items that Komodos would really eat.

A Day in the Life of a Komodo Dragon

  • Ask all of your third graders to write a one-page journal entry with at least three paragraphs. The journal entry will be about a day in the life of a Komodo dragon. Encourage students to draw from everything they have learned but also to employ humor and imagination. The three paragraphs might focus on morning, afternoon and evening or waking, hunting and eating.

Save the Komodo Dragon Posters

  • Your students know that the Komodo dragon is endangered. You can deepen their understanding of this fact by having them create posters that support saving the Komodo dragon from extinction. Encourage students to show and tell with their posters why the world should save the Komodo dragon. This activity will combine art, language arts and scientific knowledge.


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