Common Pests in Dog Food

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Open bags of dry dog food can contain a few common pests, some which can harm the health of the dog. These pests do not affect canned dog food because of how it's sealed, but dry dog food can easily become infested. Purchase a bag that has no rips or tears and transfer the food into a covered container at home to avoid feeding your dog infested food.

Indian Meal Moth

The Indian meal moth is the most common pest found in dry dog food containing grain. You can identify the adult moth by its grey, white and bronze color. The larva is identified by its silk web like trail. Larvae often hide in the gaps and fissures of the dry dog food bag and can literally gnaw through the bag of dog food. Adult Indian meal moths reproduce quickly, so an infestation in dog food is easily noted.

Warehouse Beetle

The warehouse beetle is a tiny, oval beetle and is often a problem at dog food facilities. The larvae are orange-brown and covered with hair, while the adults are black with small white spots. Although their life cycle is approximately 43 days, the warehouse beetle can hibernate for up to two years in dry dog food.

Grain Mites

Grain mites live off the fungi in grains, and grow in areas with high moisture. They are often found in areas there is fungal growth. An infestation can be detected by the brownish tinge left from mite dust left by mite legs. These mites feed on wheat germ, yeast, flour and other grains, which are often ingredients in dry dog food. They are known to replicate quickly. Throw the dog food out right away if it becomes contaminated with grain mites. Harmful effects caused by this mite are allergic reactions, skin inflammation and severe itching.

Flour Beetle

Although a flour beetle commonly contaminates flour it also infests dry dog food. Flour beetles are red-brown insects that lay their eggs on the small pieces of dry dog food. Infestation can spread quickly: a female flour beetle can lay approximately 450 eggs. Although flour beetles will not harm your pet, they do infest the pet food and can make it unusable. Throw any infested dog food away, as flour beetles can also infest other areas of the kitchen or room where the food is stored.

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