Edible Crafts Using Oreo Cookies


Children and adults both can enjoy creating edible crafts, which serve as a decorative piece and a snack later. Using Oreo cookies along with other edible materials eliminates wastefulness while being resourceful and creative. While we encourage children not to play with their food, edible Oreo cookie crafts provide a snack that children can play with.

Oreo Turkeys

  • For this project, separate an Oreo cookie and lay one half on a table with the icing side facing up. Place a full Oreo upright into the icing so it is at an angle. Correct positioning of the upright cookies will provide room for the turkey's head. Create the turkey's head by positioning one mini peanut butter cup on its side in front of the standing cookie. Four or five candy corn pieces are then inserted, pointy side down, into the icing of the standing Oreo to represent the feathers. Use gel icing to make a dot for the eyes and to glue the pointy part of a halved piece of candy corn for the beak.

Oreo Black Cats

  • An Oreo cookie, candy corn, mini M&M's, red licorice string and black-tinted frosting are all the materials needed to create an Oreo black cat. The ease of this project allows children to participate or make one of their own. With the Oreo cookie placed on a table, glue M&M's in place with the frosting to resemble the eyes. The candy corn is then glued with frosting to the top of the Oreo for the ears. Cut pieces of the red licorice are then attached with the frosting to create the cat's mouth and whiskers.

School Bus Cakes

  • Yellow school bus cakes are easy to make and are lovely back-to-school treats for young students. To make a Twinkie into the shape of a bus, use a knife and cut a small rectangle from one end. The exposed white filling will represent the windshield. Spread yellow frosting to cover the Twinkie without covering the windshield. Use the icing to glue four mini Oreo cookies to the bus to represent the wheels.

Sunflower Cupcake Bouquet

  • A sunflower cupcake bouquet makes a Mother's Day gift or a decorative table centerpiece for a dinner party. Begin by baking a batch of cupcakes and allow them to cool. To prepare the flowerpot to hold the cupcakes, insert dry floral foam into a terra-cotta flowerpot. Insert a bamboo skewer through the center of the floral foam and then push a floral foam sphere or Styrofoam ball through the bamboo skewer. Cover the foam or ball with colorful tissue paper. Prepare a batch of sunflower yellow colored icing and put it into a pastry bag. Put a small bit of icing in the center of each cupcake and "glue" an Oreo cookie in place. Using a rosette tip, pipe rosettes around the Oreo cookies, covering the top of the cupcakes. The rosettes will resemble sunflower petals. Insert bamboo skewers into the bottom of the cupcakes and then push into the flowerpot to create a bouquet. Add a bow or ribbon for a decorative finish.

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