Peacock Tattoo Ideas

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Peacocks boast brilliant blue bodies.

Peacocks are compelling and eye-catching birds whose vibrant colors have inspired admiration, myths and art for centuries. Whether you want to design a peacock tattoo because you work as a zookeeper, feel a deep resonance with the mythical associations of the peacock, or simply love birds and the colors blue and green, you can design a peacock tattoo that will suit almost any reason and aesthetic preference.

  1. Peacock Feather

    • Some peacock feathers have eyelike circular markings toward the tips.
      Some peacock feathers have eyelike circular markings toward the tips.

      Consider getting a tattoo showing a peacock feather if you like the look of feathers or are seeking a peacock tattoo design that will fit well on an upper arm, calf or thigh. Blue peacock feathers shimmer with a complex mixture of colors -- including aquamarine, sapphire and copper. Blue peacocks inhabit Sri Lanka and India, according to National Geographic, while the lesser-known green and Congo peacocks inhabit Java and Myanmar and the Congo, respectively.

    Cartoon Peacock

    • Get a tattoo showing a prancing, preening cartoon peacock if you are drawn -- pun intended -- to the cartoon style or if your choice of a peacock tattoo is meant to be humorous. Perhaps you love fashion and dressing up, and sometimes get teasingly called a peacock. A peacock cartoon tattoo could show a conceited-looking peacock showing off his feathers or looking down his nose at a less-flashy bird.

    Full-Fan Peacock

    • A peacock showing off is a sight to behold.
      A peacock showing off is a sight to behold.

      Design a tattoo of a peacock with his tail feathers fanned out in full glory if you want a tattoo that will fill a large area of your body, such as your back or chest. Refer to photos of peacocks when designing the tattoo to make sure you get the distinctive "eye" portions of the feathers just right. Alternately, for a subtle and slightly eerie visual effect, have the tattoo artist draw all the peacock's eye spots as actual eyes.

    Pair of Peacocks

    • Peacocks have a one-of-a-kind feather "spray" atop their heads.
      Peacocks have a one-of-a-kind feather "spray" atop their heads.

      Show a peacock and a peahen standing together if you wish to pay homage to the mythical associations of the peacock. Hindu legend holds peacocks as symbols of love and immortality, according to Yoga Journal. Peacocks have showy plumage, while peahens are less flamboyantly attired.

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