Is There a Vertical Straight Line in Symbols in Word 2007?


Microsoft Word 2007 is a word processing program that allows you to insert symbols, special characters and Unicode characters, among other functions. You may want to insert a vertical line into your document as a separator, decorative element or mathematical function. Word 2007 allows you to enter a vertical line using the "Symbols" function, typing in the decimal code or using the drawing tool.

Symbols Function

  • To insert a symbol in Word 2007, place the cursor where you would like the vertical line to appear. Click the "Insert" tab at the top of your Word document, and then select "Symbol." In the pop-up box that opens, select "More Symbols." In the "Font" selection box, choose "(normal text)." In the sixth row down, click the vertical line symbol to highlight it. Click "Insert" and then "Close." The vertical line symbol will appear where you placed the cursor. Cut and paste the vertical line if you want to repeat it, or insert the symbol again.

Character Code

  • Alternatively, insert a vertical line by clicking "Insert" and then "Symbol" and then clicking "More Symbols." In the box marked "Character Code:" type in 007C (be sure to type the leading zeroes). Click "Insert" and then "Close."

Drawing Tool

  • To create a vertical line that spans more than a single character's height, consider the drawing tool. Click "Insert" and then select "Shapes." In the section entitled "Lines," select the first line, which appears as a diagonal line. Your cursor will turn into an "X." Click and hold your right mouse button as you drag the line straight down or straight up to the desired length of the vertical line. Release the mouse button.

Similar Lines

  • Insert lines with arrows on one end or the other -- or on both ends -- by selecting them in the "Symbols" menu or by typing in one of these character codes: AA06 for a dashed vertical line, 2191 for a vertical line with an arrow on the upward-facing end and 2193 for a vertical line with an arrow on the downward-facing end. Draw the same types of lines by using the drawing tool as well. Increase the width of the lines in the drawing tool by hovering your mouse over a drawn line, right-clicking to open the "Format AutoShape" window and changing the "Weight" from 1 px (pixel) to 2 or more, depending on how thick you want the line to appear. Add an arrow, circle or diamond to one end of the line by staying on the "Format AutoShape" menu and selecting a style with the drop-down menu next to "End Style."

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