Problems With Diva Cup Placement

Proper placement of the Diva Cup can make tampons a thing of the past.
Proper placement of the Diva Cup can make tampons a thing of the past. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

The Diva Cup is a fantastic tool for eco-minded, health-conscious, budget-savvy and overall efficient women. This small silicone menstrual cup creates close to zero waste in landfills. It can be safer for women’s bodies than the bleached cotton used to make tampons. The Diva Cup is less expensive than disposable feminine products. Best of all, once using the Diva Cup is mastered, users don’t have to take anything extra to the bathroom. Placement of the Diva Cup takes some practice. However, with practice and an open mind, placement problems, as well as the expense and hassle of other feminine products, will quickly become a thing of the past.

Finding a Comfortable Position

Inserting the Diva Cup is similar to inserting a tampon. Sitting on the toilet provides a good platform to relax the pelvic muscles. A position that works is characterized by the ability to be comfortable and relaxed.

Inserting the Cup

The Diva Cup website’s FAQ section suggests folding the cup in a “U” by pushing one side of the cup into itself. Using the index finger to guide the cup, and then to release the fold once inserted can ameliorate any placement problems. A woman’s knowledge of the particulars of her body will aid a great deal in how the cup is pushed in; for many women, pushing slightly back towards the tailbone and slightly up positions the cup securely around the cervix. The cup is then rotated several times to create a seal and hold the cup in place.

Alternative Insertion Techniques

When the “U” fold fails, an effective alternative is to fold the cup so that the overall shape is a cone with a slanted base. Fold the cup by first pushing one side into the other and then aligning the rims unevenly: the side folded in will be lower. The side with the folds is inserted first for optimal placement.

Emptying and Repositioning the Diva Cup

Most women immediately notice when the cup is ready to be emptied. Unfortunately, emptying the cup can present more placement woes. Pinching the stem and using the index finger to push on the side of the cup and break the seal removes the cup. The stem is pulled to remove and empty into the toilet or even the shower. The key to secure placement after emptying is to moisten the cup with water. When faced with emptying and reinserting the cup in a public toilet, prepare by bringing wet wipes. This will provide sufficient lubricant to insert and create a seal.

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