Ideas to Make Pretend Cotton Candy


During the summer months, children may enjoy a cone of cotton candy while visiting the circus, between rides at the county fair or just for the sheer enjoyment of a sticky mess. Create your own inedible crafts resembling cotton candy to decorate for a circus-themed party or to welcome the fair into town. Cotton candy crafts may also add a feminine touch to a girl's bedroom decor.

Pink Tulle

  • Cut four strips of pink tulle, each measuring 1 inch wide and 30 inches long. Fold each strip over itself lengthwise, in half twice and weave a needle and medium-weight thread through all four layers of the folded length on one of the long edges, pulling them tight as you go to create a pleated effect. Tie the two ends of the thread together resulting in a pink tulle fluff ball. Repeat the process to create two additional tulle balls and thread a string through the center of all four creating a stack of the tulle balls. Hot glue the opening of a 5-inch high and 4-inch base, rolled triangle of poster board, appearing as a cone shape, to the bottom of the tulle stack for a cotton candy craft.

Shaving Cream

  • Squirt approximately 4 cups of shaving cream onto a clean, empty paper plate and add two or three drops of red food coloring. Mix the food coloring around with a paint brush until the shaving cream resembles the color of cotton candy and has spread across at least the center circle of the plate. Add more food coloring when necessary, one drop at a time. Allow the shaving cream to dry completely uncovered, which may take one to two days. Trim the paper plate around the shaving cream into an oval shape, with curved and fluffy-looking edges to resemble cotton candy. When cutting around the plate, use caution not to "break" the shaving cream into pieces as the consistency is that of a delicate, flaky meringue. Cut out a long, thin triangle from a piece of cardboard, glue a piece of white paper over it to appear as a cone and glue it to the back of the paper plate.

Cotton Balls

  • Cut a 4-inch circle from a piece of cardboard and paste 25 to 30 loosely pulled-apart cotton balls over the entire circle to give a fluffy appearance. Cover all visible cardboard with cotton. As an alternative, a 4-inch circle of cotton quilter's batting may be effective but the cotton fibers may need to be loosened to appear more fluffy. Glue a white painted 3-inch wide and 6-inch tall cardboard triangle to the back of the cardboard circle as the cone. When the glue is dry, spray the cotton lightly with pink paint.

Recycled Materials

  • Make use of an old paper towel tube to begin your cotton candy crafting. Tear 3-inch squares of pink tissue paper saved from a birthday or holiday present and very loosely scrunch them into 1-inch balls. Glue 50 tissue paper balls to one hollow end of the paper towel tube, stacking them on top of one another to create a more fluffy appearance, and allow to dry completely for approximately two to three hours. Squish the opposite end of the cardboard tube and fold the two sides in toward the middle. Secure the opposite end of the tube closed with hot glue or staple it together to appear more like a cone.

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