Types of Indian Mangoes


Mangoes are found in a variety of countries, ranging from the United States to India -- both of these countries have their own distinct kind. Mangoes from India have been popular overseas, with the first shipment to arrive to the United States (after they were banned from the U.S. market) occurring in 2007. The hot and lengthily summers in India create the ideal environment to grow large quantities of different brands of mango.

Alphonso Mango

  • The Alphonso mango is one of the most popular kind -- out of all the mangoes that are grown in India (accounts for 70 percent of world production), the Alphonso is considered the most unique tasting. These mangoes are mainly grown in the coastal region of Devgad and are designed to ripen naturally while they are being exported to other countries. This is a characteristic these mangoes share with other brands in India -- being kept at room temperature for three to five days is known as the best way to help it fully ripen.

Kesar Mango

  • Another kind of mango popular in India and the rest of the world is the Kesar mango. Fully named as the Junagadh Kesar, it is mainly grown in the Indian state of Gujarat and, like the Alphonso mango, it is grown specifically to ripen naturally while being transported (locally, nationally or internationally). The Kesar mango is known for having an intensely sweet flavor and can be recognized by the golden saffron color of its skin. It can be distinguished from the Alphonso due to the latter's bright yellow and faint pink skin.

Totapuri Mango

  • The Totapuri mango is mainly grown in the southern regions of India -- they often grow to a medium or large size and are characterized by their prominent sinuses. The actual taste of the fruit isn't known to be as good as the Alphonso or the Kesar -- it is mainly described as being typical of ordinary mangoes. In recent years, efforts have been made to create hybrid versions of this mango -- although only a few of these have become accepted commercially, those that have been accepted have gained in popularity.

Other Indian Mangoes

  • India has so many variations of mango that it would be impossible to name and fully describe them all -- a description of 15 different mangoes in India could be given and still not completely cover the entire market. Other variations apart from the ones mentioned are the fibreless Neelum and Mankurad mangoes, the Kishenbhog mango, which is native to West Bengal and is mainly grown mid-season, and the Himsager mango (another West Bengal variation, different from the Kishenbhog in that it is fibreless).

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