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Puppies have different needs at different stages in life. The requirements for a whelping pen differ significantly from those of an outdoor puppy run. Indoor pens should be easily built and portable. Outdoor pens for larger puppies can be permanently installed. By correctly preparing the puppy's various pens and play areas, you can keep the puppies safe and make training easier.


  • The type of enclosure to be used for a puppy pen depends on a number of factors. The first is the specific purpose of the pen's construction. A whelping pen should be made with smooth, pliable materials to protect the puppies from injury as they grow. A padded baby pool works well for the purpose. For an easily modified enclosure, interlocking fencing systems, such as x-pens are an excellent choice. Be sure to provide enough room for the pups to move around. Large, permanent, outdoor pens can be created with wooden panels or chain link.

Special Needs

  • Puppies have different needs at different ages. During whelping and for several weeks after, it's a good idea to have a lot of padded space in the pen. This can be accomplished by piling puppy beds and blankets in the bottom. These can also be covered with a painter's drop cloth to protect the fabric during whelping. As the puppies grow, be sure to include toys for the puppies to play with inside their pen. If you use an outdoor pen, keep shade in mind. Either include a doghouse inside, or cover a section of the pen with a tarp or cloth to provide shade.

Food and Water

Cleaning and Waste

  • Many people include puppy litter boxes inside puppy pens. It is also a good idea to line indoor pens with newspaper to aid with cleanup. Filling outdoor pens with sawdust or straw is a great way to aid cleanup inside the pens of larger dogs.

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