What Jobs Use Oscilloscopes?


Jobs that use oscilloscopes are numerous and varied. Oscilloscopes are often referred to as o-scopes and graphically display electrical signals with an added time element on their cathode ray tube (CRT). Most activities can be converted to voltages, and oscilloscopes are versatile instruments able to display extremely small as well as large signals. The scope can capture and then hold the display for immediate evaluation or store the graphical representation for interpretation at a later time.


  • Physicists and other research scientists use oscilloscopes for many different things. Highly sensitive o-scopes can track tiny particles for the nuclear physicist attempting to unlock the mysteries of nature. Among other things, research scientists use scopes to examine the impact of environmental changes on cellular telephone or television signals. Oscilloscopes in several different variations are an important tool for the scientific community.


  • Engineers of all types rely on the oscilloscope. Electronic and electrical engineers use o-scopes in the design of electrical and electronic equipment, which may include the design of advanced oscilloscopes as well. Sound engineers use the o-scope to evaluate frequency response of sound equipment, automotive engineers can use o-scopes to monitor engine vibrations and computer design engineers use o-scopes to evaluate processor speed and frequency. All design engineering disciplines use oscilloscopes in one form or another on a daily basis.

Electronic Technicians

  • An electronic technician may work in a variety of jobs including, but not limited to, television repairman, computer technician and all types of telephone and radio transmission installation and repair. Electronic technicians also work in design and development laboratories under the direction of electronic engineers. An oscilloscope is an essential tool for electronic technicians in all fields.

Auto Repair Technicians

  • Since automobiles have evolved to the point where onboard computers control many functions, mechanics have become auto repair technicians. A form of oscilloscope is used to connect to the computer port through which status and problems are reported to the technician. An o-scope is also a very helpful tool that the technician can use to maintain and repair elaborate automobile sound equipment and other advanced electrical and electronic equipment installed in the vehicle.

Health Care Workers

  • It seems that everyone knows the significance when the nurse tells the doctor the patient has "flatlined." The machine providing that "flatline" (or hopefully not-flatline) is an oscilloscope responding to the energy produced by the patient's heartbeat. As well as for this EKG function, doctors use o-scope graphical representations to review and evaluate brain waves for diagnostic purposes. Medical technologists and laboratory technicians use oscilloscopes for various functions in hospital or clinical settings as well as in medical research laboratories. Oscilloscopes are a fundamental tool for many health care workers.

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