List of Core Competencies


Core competencies are factors or traits an employer will look for in new employees upon hire that will benefit the business. Some businesses search for specific core competencies in new employees to gain the upper hand in relation to competitors in the market and to create new products that will stand out. Other core competencies are beneficial within the company with the goal of improving internal relations.


  • Effective communication is an example of a core competency, because employers look for this skill or feature in most new employees. Communication is relevant both for employees dealing with customers directly and for those who simply communicate with managers or other employees. Communication includes being able to speak and write in a clear manner, while listening to issues without jumping to conclusions.

Creative Thinking

  • Creative thinking is the ability to troubleshoot new solutions for common business problems, such as product development, marketing approaches, quality testing and standing out from competitors. While some people struggle to think outside the box, others have no problems finding new creative solutions quickly that can be discussed.

Team Motivator

  • While some employees work independently in a business, employers often seek employees that can be a team motivator. The employees are working together to achieve the goals of the company, even though the projects at hand may differ for each worker. Team motivation approaches include fostering teamwork by stepping in as the leader when none is available, empowering others by instilling confidence and helping others solve problems to develop their skills and approaches to different tasks.

Self Management

  • One strong core competency is the ability to control oneself in the workplace. People who often take leadership can appear arrogant to others, so showing a team spirit rather than independence in team settings can improve the overall operations of the business. Self-management examples include being confident in ideas without being overwhelming in presentation, working effectively without hostility and being flexible in trying new approaches.

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