Signs of Rodents in an Attic


Signs that there may be rodents in your attic are varied depending upon what type of rodent has infested your home. Bats and squirrels can be seen entering the house, while mouse or rat infestation must be looked for carefully when other signs of infestation have been found around the home. Rodent infestation requires professional attention for eradication, particularly as some bats may be protected species and must be moved rather than exterminated.


  • While difficult to pinpoint during the day, rodent infestations have particular sounds which indicate their presence. These may include the sounds of gnawing on wood, squeaking and scratching. These sounds are most prevalent and noticeable at night when the rest of the house is silent.


  • The scent of rodent infestation is extremely noticeable in the summer months when excrement and the corpses of dead rodents are subjected to the high heat of the attic environment. Serious infestations can be detected by scent throughout the house, while smaller infestations are only noticeable when you are actually in the attic. During the winter months, these scents are much harder to detect.

Visible Cues from Outdoors

  • Outdoor visible cues of rodent infestation require watching the house during various times of the day. If you suspect an infestation of bats in your attic, you must watch the house near twilight, when bats are most actively searching for food. Squirrels are most active during daylight hours and will be seen emerging from or retreating to the attic throughout the day.

Visible Indoor Cues

  • Indoor indications of a mouse- or rat-infested attic space include the appearance of access holes gnawed into the back or top of cabinets and signs that the food containers within have been chewed through. You may find excrement on the countertops in your kitchen in the morning as well. Mice and rats are skilled climbers, so indications of infestation may not only be in high places. Contract with a professional exterminator for a thorough inspection of your home.

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