Unique High School Reunion Ideas

Cocktail hour, sit-down dinner, dancing, more socializing, goodnight. That encapsulates your typical high school reunion. Most reunions look like wedding receptions except that you pay to attend, and there is no bride and groom. A successful high school reunion encourages not just the renewal of old bonds but the formation of new ones. The planning committee should work to encourage everyone's attendance and to ensure a memory-making good time.

  1. Picnic or Fair Themed Reunion

    • Nowhere is it written that high school reunions have to be formal events at catering facilities or banquet halls. After all, for most of us high school was anything but formal, and having your high school reunion reflect that could result in a more relaxed, nonrestrictive, laid-back good time and even more attendees. Consider hosting the event at a picnic grove, park or on the grounds of your former high school or in its cafeteria or gymnasium. Rent a tent, if necessary, in case of inclement weather. Plan simple events that resemble those at local or county fairs such as games of skill and chance, best pie or cake and tug-of-war contests. Face painting, apple bobbing, hula hooping and horseshoe throwing will all guarantee loads of laughter and photo opportunities. This type of event is the ultimate in inclusive; whether participating or spectating, everyone is going to have an enjoyable time.

    Block Party Reunion

    • Scout for an appropriate street such as in a business area that is not used or populated on the weekends or consult with the local chamber of commerce to help you locate a suitable street and get the proper permissions and permits for a block party. For entertainment, hire the services of a disc jockey or a band. In the style of pot luck get-togethers, have attendees bring a covered dish, but have someone on the planning committee coordinate and track what people will bring so you don't wind up with nothing but potato salad or cupcakes. With very little overhead and the ticket price only needing to cover the costs of overhead (band, permits, tent), having a high school reunion block party is cost effective and affordable for everyone.

    Make Inquiries

    • A good planning committee will not make the decision about what kind of event the high school reunion will be with seeking input from those who will be attending. Through social media it's easy to connect with former classmates. Questionnaires can be sent out via email or posted on a group site that offers everyone the chance to weigh in on the location, date and type of event they would like. This will likely uncover a wealth of ideas that can be taken into consideration. Even if you are not on the planning committee, or if a reunion service is being used, make contact anyway and make suggestions. Get involved.

    Liven It Up

    • On average only 10 to 25 percent of an entire class attends the high school reunion. That percentage can likely be increased by offering an atypical event. Make sure the planning committee is a well-rounded one that doesn't consist solely of members of the former popular crowd. Spice up the affair by hiring a fortune teller or renting a photo booth or a cotton candy machine. Enlist people whose only job is to make sure no one is standing in the corner by himself. Make it fun, make it playful and, most important, make it memorable for everyone.

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