What Is a DE Filter Pool?


Pool owners have several choices when it comes to pool filtration systems. Some options include sand and Baquacil systems and D.E. filters. Diatomaceous Earth filters are a common choice among above ground and in-ground pool owners. The components of a D.E. filter include a motor, pump and skimmer that work together to create a complete filter system.

Diatomaceous Earth

  • Diatomaceous Earth, also known as D.E. or earth, is a type of soft sedimentary rock that is easy granulated into powder form. This substance is used by pool owners as the primary basis of a D.E. filter system. The D.E. is added through your pool skimmer and settles inside the filter. The D.E. is then utilized by collected small particles of dirt and debris that pass through the pool's skimmer basket. The D.E. settles onto the filter grids, which work together to collect the dirt.


  • The filter is constructed on a plastic stand that hold all the components. The filter is the tall object that filters the dirt and the area where the D.E. settles. This will have a pump handle on top as well which is used for several things, such as creating filter pressure. The pump will look like a small canister that is situated next to the motor. The canister has an additional skimmer basket inside for the sole purpose of vacuuming. When your pool is vacuumed, you must remove the pool skimmer basket. The skimmer basket inside pump prevents large items from entering the filter during vacuuming, which can damage and clog your filter. The motor is the last component and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from .5 horsepower to 2 horsepower. The motor size is dependent on the pool size.

Pressure Gauge

  • The filter is equipped with a pressure gauge, which is a pivotal part of your filter because it allows you to monitor your filter pressure. When the D.E. filter pressure gauge is in the red area, that is an indication that the filter must be cleaned. To clean the D.E. filter involves a process called backwashing. Flushing out the dirty earth and replacing it with clean earth through the pool skimmer is backwashing.

Other Facts

  • According to Poolcenter.com, D.E. filters are the most efficient type of pool filter on the market. The reason is that it's capable of trapping dirt particles as small as 3 to 5 microns, which is much smaller than the naked eye can detect.

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