Goat Toy Ideas

Without some amusement in their pen, goats will look for opportunities to escape.
Without some amusement in their pen, goats will look for opportunities to escape. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Goats or caprines are playful animals always looking for amusement. Often, goat owners find themselves unable to keep goats contained because they are intelligent and inquisitive. In fact, the word capricious which is derived from the same Latin base as caprine, means impulsive -- something that adequately describes a goat. Goats love to run, play and climb up on high places, such as the top of their house. Providing them with toys in their pen can help keep them entertained within their boundaries.


Goats love balls. They can spend hours kicking around an old basketball or a bouncy yoga ball. Even the large rubber or plastic balls sold for children at discount stores are a good choice for goats. Tether balls are also fun for this animal to play with. They will bat at the ball with their heads and sometimes even get up on hind legs to bat at them. Sink the pole for a tether ball in concrete if you are concerned about the goats knocking over the post.


Climbing up on top of something and looking below is a favorite past time of many goats. Old electrical wooden spools are often available for free from companies that no longer need them. Large wooden spools can be turned on end and goats can climb up and stand or lay on them. Wood pallets can also be nailed together to create different heights for goats to jump up and lay on.


Plastic food grade drums or wooden barrels can be used as shady spots for small goats when turned on their side. The ends can be cut off and used as tunnels for goats to crawl through, if they are pygmy or kid goats, or crawl over if they are larger. Be sure when using barrels, though, that they do not contain hazardous chemicals.

Lumber and Hay

Small and large rectangular hay bales can be climbed easily by goats. If it's junk hay -- hay that can no longer be eaten, but can be used as mulch -- the goats will eat a little of it, but will mostly enjoy just running on it, over it and making a general mess of it. Wide planks of wood can be used to create ramps up to wooden barrels or hay bales, or constructed as balance beams. A wide plank placed between two concrete blocks works well as a balance beam or bridge.

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