The Advantages of Studying Biology in Schools


Biology is the study of life. There are advantages of studying biology in school that have more impact than studying independently. Biology is a subject that encompasses several disciplines of science. Without a firm grasp on biology, a student may struggle in concepts like ecology, genetics or even basic health ideas.


  • Schools and universities typically are equipped with the kinds of supplies you need to study biology. Learning biology by just reading from a textbook does not really give the student an encompassing look at the subject. Schools have microscopes, specimens and dissecting kits that let students get hands-on practice with the concept they are studying. The hands-on experience allows kinetic learners to learn through doing. Biology equipment is expensive, and going to school to learn biology generally is cheaper, in the long run, than paying for or renting the equipment yourself. Schools also usually have insurance for the equipment if there is need of repair.


  • Another advantage of studying biology in school is credit for a passing grade. If you take biology in high school or college and pass it, you will receive credit for that course that could be added to your transcripts for a diploma. Studying outside of school can give you the knowledge, but if the school does not have proof that you know that content, you will not get credit. If the student is going to earn a degree and biology is a requirement, it is usually the kind of course that requires attendance, assessment and hands-on lab time.


  • Biology is a difficult subject for many students. In schools there are trained instructors or aides that can help a student through hard concepts such as genetics or cellular biology. A student studying outside of school would have to hire a tutor or spend time looking up supplemental material if he had issues with the content. Tutors can be expensive and the time to look up simplified explanations online can be exhausting if not fruitless. A student in a public school has a free teacher for biology while a college student has teacher's aides, lab assistants and other academic resources in which to get help.


  • Most students do well in biology if there is structure in the how the content is presented. An independent student would have to have self-discipline to study such a complex subject on her own. A class taught at a school would have a specific time during the day and a structure within that time that would allow the delivery of the content, the application of the concept and the assessment of the concept. A student of biology that studies out of school will only have materials that she can find herself. The content could be taken in the wrong sequence, making it more confusing and more difficult to grasp the principles and facts of biology.


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