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Nearly all Starbucks employees begin their tenure for the company working as a barista, manning the espresso machines and crafting the frothy beverages for which the company is famous. If you seek employment with Starbucks, the first step on your journey will be training, which can go easier if you keep some tips in mind.

Sample Regularly

  • One of the primary perks of working for Starbucks is the opportunity to sample Starbucks beverages. All individuals working for company owned Starbucks stores receive up to two complimentary beverages per shift. While drinking coffee may not seem like part of the training process, in truth, it is. Use these associate beverages as an opportunity to sample Starbucks fare and learn what makes a delicious beverage. In doing so, you can better prepare yourself to answer customer questions regarding the drink options at Starbucks.

Recipe Similarities

  • Learning the recipes for everything from a classic mocha to a caramel machiatto is simple if you focus on similarities. With only a few exceptions, the number of shots and syrup pumps stay the same from beverage to beverage and depend only on drink size. By keeping this in mind, you can improve your chances of learning these recipes quickly.

People Skills

  • As a Starbucks employee, part of your job is communicating with customers and ensuring that they fully enjoy their Starbucks experience. If you tend to be a bit on the shy side, it is wise to work on this. Being gregarious and generally of a happy disposition can be highly beneficial at Starbucks, as your potentially lucrative tips may depend upon it.

Ask Questions

  • Throughout the course of your day, you will come into contact with a wide array of machinery, much of which is quite expensive if damaged. To ensure that your manager doesn't have to put in a maintenance call because of your mistake, ask questions about any machinery that you find confusing. Your trainer will be less displeased about you asking how to empty the spent pods from the espresso machine properly for the tenth time than she will be if you don't ask and damage the machine.

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