Difference Between Autotext & Autocorrect in MS Word


Microsoft Word has many optional features to help users create documents easily and rapidly. The AutoText feature is an option in the AutoCorrect area on some versions of Word, but AutoText does not actually make any corrections to your document. Instead, it inserts frequently used text so you do not have to type the same words or insert the same image repeatedly.


  • AutoText is essentially a shortcut feature for Word. You can insert your company logo, contact information or nondisclosure clause into any document with a few clicks if you have that information programmed into the AutoText feature. It also includes preprogrammed AutoText entries to complete common phrases, such as letter salutations or closings. The purpose of AutoText is to save time and avoid repetitive tasks. It also removes the need to copy and paste commonly used text or images from another document.


  • MS Word's AutoCorrect features cover a broad variety of typing scenarios, which you can control in the "Options" or "Preferences" section of Word. AutoCorrect features can correct your spelling as you type by selecting the most likely word from the built-in dictionary based on your typing and the surrounding context. AutoCorrect can also change formatting as you type, such as converting numbers like 1/2 or 3/4 to single-character fractions.


  • With AutoText, you are in control of the content and placement of the inserted text or graphics because you choose it from the AutoText gallery rather than having the computer insert it without any input from you. AutoCorrect makes the corrections based on your general selections and its available options, so it may "correct" items that are not mistakes, simply because the word you chose was not in the software's dictionary. If you write documents full of uncommon words, such as stories with fictional places or names, or scientific reports with terms not available in the Word dictionary, consider manually adding your common terms to the dictionary or turning off the spelling feature of AutoCorrect to ensure your entered terms are not changed in ways you had not anticipated.

Crossover Features

  • If you want Word to replace text with predetermined text as you type, you can configure AutoCorrect to insert text automatically by replacing a key term with AutoText. For example, you can use the "Replace" feature in AutoCorrect's options panel to replace the text "Standard disclaimer" with the full text of your disclaimer. To do this, add "Standard disclaimer" to the replacement box, and then add your full disclaimer text to the "Replace with" area. This will change the text every time you type it, however, so make sure you choose a word or phrase you don't normally use while typing.

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