What Kind of Business Suit Should You Wear for an Interview?

A good business suit can impress your interviewer.
A good business suit can impress your interviewer. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Making a good first impression is crucial to having success when interviewing for a job. In addition to reviewing your qualifications, your interviewer will also want you to express yourself clearly, possess knowledge of the company, be well-dressed and have a neat, groomed appearance. Wearing a business suit is appropriate for most types of job interviews, although it is absolutely crucial for positions involving high levels of customer or client contact.

Conservative Design

When interviewing for a professional position, fashion takes a back seat to formality. For this reason, a conservatively styled business suit is ideal for your job interview. Men should wear gray, navy blue or black suits, while women should stick to black dress or pantsuits, according to Virginia Tech's Career Center. Additionally, you should avoid wearing suits with fashion-forward designs or distinctive features, such as large lapels or chrome buttons, as these features can appear dated or unprofessional.

Natural Fabrics

Suits made of natural fabrics, such as wool or cotton, are ideal for men or women going on job interviews, says Virginia Tech. High-quality, man-made fabrics such as polyester, as well as natural-synthetic blends, are also ideal for job interview suits. You should avoid cheap-looking, shiny or garish fabrics such as nylon, rayon or similar-looking substances.


Your interview suit should fit you well. Avoid suits that are too big, loose, long or leave obvious gaps, as well as excessively tight-fitting or revealing attire. Choose a jacket with a snug fit, but avoid one that is overly tight or small. Your suit's pants should come down to your shoes; avoid short pants that expose your ankles or upper socks. Women's skirts should be formal, loose-fitting and knee- or calf-length.

Shoes and Accessories

When attending a job interview, wear formal, conservatively styled, leather, closed-toe dress shoes. Avoid sandals and brightly colored or garishly designed shoes. Additionally, avoid fashion-forward designs and shoes featuring large heels or platform soles. Minimize jewelry and accessories. A conservative, metal watch is appropriate for a job interview. Women can wear small, conservatively styled earrings and shoe-matching purses, according to Virginia Tech.

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