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Even with the current popularity of graphite, traditional steel golf shafts are still available for woods and are the prevailing choice for iron sets. True Temper makes only steel shafts and it is the largest and most successful maker of shafts of any kind. In its 80 years of making golf shafts, True Temper has been the overwhelming choice of PGA Tour players.

Shaft Parameters

  • The primary feature of a golf shaft is the amount it deflects. Shafts come in standard flexes of R (regular) for golfers with standard swing speeds, S (stiff) for faster swings and X (extra stiff) for tour level swings. There is also a softer L flex for women and an A flex for senior men. The geometry of the tip, whether it is parallel or tapered, and its diameter are critical for matching the shaft to a specific club head. The stiffness of the tips and the location of their flex points have a major influence on ball flight. Shaft weight is important for players who need to increase their swing speed by lowering the overall weight of the club.


  • Most True Temper shafts come in the standard flexes of R, S and X. The DG Spinner wedge shaft has a special flex to increase spin for those clubs. The Dynalite Gold series as well as the TT Lite and Multi-step Lite shafts have flexes that are combinations of the standards. They come in either A/L or R/S. The DG Tour Issue shafts are for PGA Tour players, so they have only X or S flex. The lightweight GS series of shafts are not available in X flex.


  • The popular Dynamic Gold and Dynalite Gold shafts weigh 120 to 130 grams. Each of these lines also comes in an SL version that is 20 grams lighter. The DG Tour Issue shafts have the same characteristics as the regular Dynamic Gold, but with a weight tolerance of one-half gram to facilitate precisely matching a full set of irons. The GS series are the lightest steel shafts available for irons. Made to compete with graphite, they come in three versions that weigh 75, 85, and 95 grams.


  • Nearly all True Temper shafts are 0.600 inch in diameter at butt end of the shaft. Some of the Dynalite, TT light and Multi-step Lite shafts have slightly different diameters of 0.580 and 0.610 inch, requiring different size grips.

Tip Sizes

  • There are a variety of tip geometries and sizes to fit different club heads. In the Dynamic Gold and Dynalite series, shafts for woods have a parallel tip of either 0.350 or 0.335 inch and iron shafts are available with a parallel tip of 0.370 inch or a tapered tip of 0.355 inch. The GS shafts come with parallel tips of 0.335 or 0.370 inch.

Tip Characteristics

  • For the best selling Dynamic Gold shafts, the tips are stiff and the flex point, also known as the kick point, is higher up the shaft to produce a lower ball flight. All of True Temper's other shaft types have softer tips with lower flex points to produce higher ball flights.


  • True Temper also makes shafts to fit most putter heads. These shafts come in straight, single bend and double bend designs, with tip diameters ranging from 0.355 to 0.382 inch, and lengths of 38 to 53 inches.

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