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Slingbox is a piece of hardware that networks your DVR, TV and computer together. This allows you to view your television off of a tablet, computer or cell phone that is connected to the Internet from anywhere across the world. The Slingbox will record up to 60 minutes of shows, allowing access to pause, rewind and fast-forward even without being connected to a DVR. The Slingbox has a number of different input/output ports to allow HD to either broadcast or physically connect to a display device.

IR port

  • The Slingbox comes with a IR port. The Slingbox can simulate a remote control’s IR signal by broadcasting through its IR port. If you are not at home, you can still change the channel on your cable box or DVR. The Slingbox will set up a virtual remote on your computer. By clicking on the picture of the remote control, your computer will tell the Slingbox to send the appropriate IR signal to your device.

USB Port

  • The Slingbox offers one USB port. You can physically connect your computer to the USB port of the Slingbox if you want a fast, secure connection. The most common use of the USB port would be to plug it into a DVR. This would allow you to connect to your DVR remotely. This would also work for a USB hard drive. If you have a library of music, movies and TV shows on a external USB hard drive, you could plug this library directly into your Slingbox. Then you could access your library through an Internet connection.

Network Ports

  • The Slingbox has a built-in wireless 802.11g card, and a 10/100 MB Ethernet port. Having wireless is a nice option, as it prevents having to run a messy Ethernet cord from your hub over to your TV. However, wireless will only support 50 megabytes of information, while a wired Ethernet line will run 100 megabytes of information. If you have many wireless devices inside your network, you could run into lag issues. If you experience lag, try physically connecting an Ethernet line into your Slingbox. This would correct any internal lag problems.

Audio/Video Ports

  • Slingbox offers three different types of audio/video ports; SD video, HD video and coaxial. You could just connect a regular RCA cable as input into your Slingbox, but this will drastically effect what kind of image the Slingbox would be able to stream. If you would like high definition images to be streamed to your display device, you will need to use one of the high definition ports to connect your cable box into your Slingbox. It doesn't matter which cable you use. SD, HD and digital coaxial cap at the same bandwidth.

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