The Installation of a Moen Faucet 4560


The Moen Monticello Inspirations faucet 4560 is a double-handle bathroom faucet with a widespread design, which means the two handles are separate from the faucet spout, so there are three parts to install in your sink. If you have installed faucets before, you will find this installation fairly manageable. If not, leave yourself an hour or more to accomplish the job on your first try.

Tools Required

  • Only basic tools are used in this installation. A pair of large pliers and a wrench are the least you will need. However, to make the installation go a little faster, a basin wrench is a good idea. Since the Moen faucet has three separate parts, three different lock nuts need tightening, which becomes arduous because the lock nuts are under the sink and you have to reach up through the sink cabinet to access them. The basin wrench makes tightening these parts very easy.


  • Turn the water under the sink off by closing the valves on the hot and cold water pipes. Remove the existing faucet if necessary. Unscrew the lock nuts under the sink at the base of the faucet with a basin wrench or regular wrench. Remove the connectors from the water pipes by turning the connectors counterclockwise. Pull the faucet up and out of the sink, sliding the faucet hoses up through the sink mount holes. Scrape away any remaining plumber's putty with a scraper, and clean the surface with household cleaners.

Faucet Assembly

  • The Moen faucet bracket is assembled before the 4560 faucet is installed in the sink. Slide the spout mounting pin into the base of the bracket. This pin is long with a knob on the end and fits into the center of the H-shaped bracket. Put plumber's putty around the edge of the two round handle washers, and fit them into the sink's handle mounting holes. Slide the bracket up through the holes from below the sink, and slide the two U-shaped handle clips over the bracket arms to secure it in place.

Installing the Handles and Spout

  • Put plumber's putty over the chrome, beveled handle washers, and fit them on top of the sink mounting holes. They act as trim for the handles, which install next. Fit the handle base over the cartridges on each side of the faucet, and turn the base of the handles to secure them in place. Slide the faucet spout onto the center sink mounting hole over the connecting rod which you installed into the bracket. Tighten it with the Allen wrench by turning the Allen screw in the back of the spout. Connect the faucet supply hoses underneath the sink to the bottom of the handles by tightening the connectors with a wrench. Turn the water pipes on to use the faucet.

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