The Advantages of CrossFit


CrossFit is a form of intense exercise that has many benefits for your body and health. Although CrossFit has been used by police and naval academies, elite athletes and martial artists, it is also available for the individual just looking to get in shape. CrossFit scales the intensity of their program to suit individual needs, but the program will still deliver cardiovascular endurance, an increase in strength, weight loss, muscle gain and athletic explosiveness.

Cardiovascular Benefits

  • CrossFit is so intense of a workout that not only will it work your muscles to fatigue, it will also increase your cardiovascular endurance. To constantly pump out reps quickly, the heart works harder and faster to keep up. CrossFit workouts are typically shorter in duration, around 30 minutes max, but they hit hard and deliver in that short amount of time. It incorporates lots of jumping, high repetitions and other exercises that force you to use your whole body to perform. It is an intense overall body workout.

Strength Increase

  • You will gain muscle and strength through CrossFit workouts. A typical workout could include various exercises such as squat jumps, sprints, hang cleans, power cleans, burpees, pullups, kettlebell swings and handstand pushups. The workouts constantly are changing up the routine and testing muscles in different ways. This is how muscles change and grow.

Fat Loss

  • CrossFit is such a challenging workout that fat loss is inevitable. As long as you are eating a healthy diet, the cardiovascular and strength-training aspects of the workouts will not only increase your muscle mass, it will cause your body to burn off fat. This is crucial to health because being overweight can cause a string of related health-problems such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cancer and osteoarthritis. For that, fat loss is an important benefit of CrossFit.

Athletic Explosiveness

  • While CrossFit is doable for all fitness levels, it was originally designed for the strongest and most elite people and athletes. For this reason, CrossFit can help athletes work on their explosiveness within their respective sport. Because the workouts use exercises that require the person to do high, quick repetitions, it targets the fast-twitch muscles in the body to work faster and harder. The athlete can then take that to their sport to be faster, quicker and even stronger than the competition.

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