Job Suggestions for an ISTJ


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) divides individuals into 16 personality types based on natural preferences and traits. MBTI often offers insightful information about the best types of jobs for each personality type. ISTJ, one of the MBTI types, is an acronym for introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. This personality type is characterized by an observant nature, leadership abilities and preference for autonomous work in a structured, ordered environment with practically applicable job duties.


  • Legal jobs recommended for ISTJ individuals include careers as attorneys and judges. These careers are recommended because ISTJ personality types usually have high behavioral standards for themselves and others, are willing to work long hours alone and are highly observant and analytically minded, according to BSM Consulting. To become attorneys and judges, individuals must attend advanced schooling and pass the bar exam to become licensed attorneys. Attorneys can specialize in one of many areas of law, and they can work for the government, private firms or hold private practices. Long hours and extensive reading, writing and research are required. Most judges begin their careers as attorneys and must be elected or appointed. Judges often decide the outcome of court cases and other legal proceedings.


  • Since ISTJs are often community minded, value tradition, enjoy structured environments and possess natural leadership tendencies, they are well suited for leadership positions in the military, according to BSM Consulting. The military offers a variety of career paths within each of its four branches. Individuals can enter as an enlisted member with a high school diploma or GED or enroll in a four-year school to become an officer. Other requirements include testing, physical fitness and character references. Advancement in the military is based on factors including performance, fitness, time served and passing examinations. A military career is a full-time commitment and requires careful consideration before enlisting.


  • Business-related jobs for ISTJ-type individuals include positions as executives, financial officers, managers, and accountants. These positions are recommended for ISTJs who enjoy working long hours, are good at making objective decisions, are extremely persevering and have innate leadership abilities, according to BSM Consulting. Executive and management positions often require many years in other positions to obtain. These positions require long hours and a high level of accountability for a company's performance. The specific duties of accountants vary widely but all accountants must have the ability to keep track of records, file taxes and analyze financial data. Accountants must pass an exam and become a licensed CPA to file certain types of government reports and documents.


  • Doctors and dentists are recommended medical professions because they require logical analysis based on factual information, strong observation skills and the ability to practically apply data to real-life situations, which are all traits that ISTJs possess according to BSM consulting. Doctors must attend medical school and pass an exam to become licensed. They can specialize in various types of medicine and they work in private offices and hospitals diagnosing and treating various medical conditions. Dentists usually own their own practices where they care for the health of patients' teeth and gums. To become a dentist, individuals must attend a dental school and become licensed.


  • Computer-related jobs including system analysts, programmers and support specialists are all suggested jobs for ISTJ individuals. These jobs require analytical and logical thinking and the ability to apply these thought processes to solve practical problems based on factual data, which are abilities that ISTJs are known to possess, according to BSM consulting. System analysts devise and implement the IT infrastructure for corporations. Programmers use a variety of codes to write computer programs. Support specialists provide technical advice and support directly or remotely. Hiring for IT is often based on demonstrated knowledge, rather than formal training, but certifications can assist in obtaining these positions.

Law Enforcement

  • Police officers and police detectives are also suggested jobs. These positions require the ability to hold others to a high standard of behavior, an observant nature and the ability to make factual decisions, which are all traits of ISTJ personality types, according to BSM Consulting. Joining the police force requires at least a high school diploma. Police and detective work involves finding, citing and apprehending individuals who break the law. Police can work at a local or national level and choose to specialize in a particular area. The work can be exciting, but is often stressful and dangerous.

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