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Just the idea of speaking in public can strike fear in people. Given that almost everyone has suffered through an agonizingly boring presentation at some point is enough to make any speaker want to avoid that same torturous fate. However, presenting a talk is much less intimidating if the topic is intriguing, and the audience is engaged. Preparation makes all the difference. There are many fun topics able to grab an audience's attention and keep them rapt throughout the presentation.


  • Persuading another person to change his point of view is a difficult task. Taking a topic that may be controversial and inserting humor or satire into the persuasive argument can lighten the mood and lower the audience's defenses. For example, consider speaking about human cloning, but titling the speech, "Who I Would/Would Not Like to See Cloned". "Why Teachers are Overpaid" might be a topic lobbying for higher teacher salaries while addressing the rigors of the profession. "Why Should Gay People Avoid the Pain of Divorce" might be a humorous way to present a persuasive argument for gay marriage. Finding a way to use sarcasm and humor in presenting a persuasive topic invites others to question beliefs in a non-threatening manner.


  • Purveying subject matter in a fun, exciting way engages audiences and whets appetites for more information. "Inventions Discovered Accidentally" sparks interest while providing humorous fodder for exploration. Another topic sure to rivet an audience is "People Who Didn't Intend to Make History". John Bobbitt and Monica Lewinsky are fascinating characters who surely never imagined their names would dominate headlines, becoming infamous. "How to" topics can be presented in creative ways, as well. "How to Know If Someone is Lying" or "How to Find the Perfect Date on the Internet" could be carved into hilarious orations.


  • Many speeches are designed to motivate and inspire. Weaving humor into inspirational themes is a splendid way to help people relate to the need for change. "Organization: Start by Sorting Your Underwear Drawer" could pave the way for a funny presentation motivating people to utilize systems of organization. For deeper topics, consider melding seemingly unrelated topics together: "Hokey Pokey and the Meaning of Life". "Things I Have Learned from My Pet" might inspire fundraising efforts for an animal shelter. The key to inspiring an audience is to spark an emotional response. Laughter is one of the best ways to warm the heart and invite transformation.


  • Speeches for pure entertainment often kick off conferences and other events. Spinning a series of tales centered around a singular theme can be amusing for an audience. A speaker engaging people with humorous stories of trials and failures could be presented in a speech entitled "Learn from My Mistakes". "Funny Facts about Men/Women" is a topic with which everyone can relate. Most people find humor in hearing truthful, but ridiculous stories about the opposite sex. "Tips on Denying a Pesky Reality" is another topic that could encompass multiple stories designed to make people laugh at themselves. The key to presenting entertaining speeches is to insure the stories are applicable to the audience members without being offensive.

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