Brown Spiders in the Home


Brown spiders can range in size, appearance and aggression, though they do share the common characteristic of having a brownish color. Most brown spiders are common and found in locations all around the world. Ranging from dangerous spiders to the common web-spinning house spider, there are several kinds of brown spiders that can be found around the home.

Brown Recluse Spider

  • The brown recluse is one brown spider that can be found in the home. It tends to be rather small (less than 1 inch) and not too aggressive. However, it is regarded as being dangerous because, if bitten, the victim can experience severe pain and even tissue loss if not treated. These spiders can be identified by having six eyes instead of eight, arranged in pairs.

Grass and Funnel-Web Spiders

  • Grass spiders are related to funnel-web spiders and are a harmless species of brown house spider. Similar to the brown recluse, grass spiders usually do not grow to be more than an inch in length. They tend to have light and dark stripes that appear to be close to the head. This species is usually very small and typically found outdoors in areas like gardens where they can eat other insects. The majority of grass and funnel-web spiders weave little webs in outdoor grass and shrub areas in order to effectively catch small insects such as mosquitoes.

Common House Spider

  • As the name implies, this species is very commonly found around home areas with people. They do not tend to bite unless they feel extremely threatened and do not pose much risk if a bite does occur. Only the females tend to be venomous, although their bites usually do not even result in effective envenoming. This spider tends to live in cobwebs in order to catch their prey, paralyze them and eat them.

Wolf Spider

  • Wolf spiders are a very common brown house spider. They tend to be found close to ground level and do not create webs to catch their prey because of their hunting ability. They are able to move very rapidly when disturbed, making them very hard to catch or eliminate when spotted. Most fully grown wolf spiders are no more than 1 inch and have a "Union Jack" impression on its back. They are venomous but not aggressive. If bitten, however, the victim may experience severe pain and should seek first-aid.

Hobo Spider

  • Hobo spiders are one of the largest brown house spiders. Their bodies, similar to other species, usually do not get bigger than an inch. However, they are known for having very long legs that can extend a few inches past their body. Hobo spiders rarely climb vertical surfaces and are rarely found above ground-level. This species is venomous and can be dangerous if provoked. Bites can result in symptoms resembling those of the brown recluse but not quite as severe.

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