Captain James Cook Craft Ideas for Children


Captain James Cook was an explorer from Britain who embarked on many journeys around the world. He studied the waters he sailed, as well as the stars and planets. He took a total of three trips, crossing the Pacific, Atlantic and Antarctic oceans during those expeditions. Teach your child about Captain Cook and enhance the learning process through various crafts.

Route Map

  • Study the route Captain Cook took on three of his journeys. Provide your child with a world map with the continents and oceans labeled. Use computer clip art and print out a small ship to represent his boat. Glue Velcro to the back of the ship and along the routes of each of his expeditions on the map. Color the map and ship and have your child follow Cook's journeys using his crafted map.

Venus Model

  • One of the mission's of Cook's first journey was to observe the planet Venus. Discuss this with your child and create a model of Venus. Purchase a Styrofoam ball at your local craft store and paint it to look like the actual planet, referencing photographs from astronomy books. Use reds and oranges to show that Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. Carefully place a straight pin in the top of the ball. Tie clear fishing line to the pin and hang it from your child's ceiling.

Diorama of The Great Barrier Reef

  • Cook's ship nearly sank while sailing over The Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Study this event with your child and ask her to create a diorama of this reef. Provide her with books from your local library containing photographs of the reef. Ask your child to use various craft materials such as construction paper, markers and glitter to create a replica of this area important in the study of Captain Cook.

Endeavor Model

  • Captain Cook's ship, known as the Endeavor, journeyed through many parts of the world. Purchase a variety of craft materials such as cardboard, fabric and Popsicle sticks at your favorite craft store. Ask your child to build a replica of the Endeavor using these materials. The point of the craft is to allow your child to build Cook's ship in any creative way he chooses, so there is no need to make the ship look realistic.

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