Superheroes Homecoming Float Theme Ideas


Homecoming week is a time that faculty and staff work to increase school spirit before the big football game with the school's rival. Normally, a big pep rally presentation and parade ends the week just prior to the game, when school spirit is at an all-time high. With the popularity of superheroes, homecoming floats with this theme are often created. What you need is your imagination and some highly motivated students to make your float a success.

Superheroes Save the Day

  • Create you own superhero who wears the school colors on a superhero costume, including a cape. Create a bad guy dressed in the opposing team's colors. On the float, build a scene typical of a superhero battle, with city building fronts made out of stage flats and doorways made at the bottom of the building's faux walls that the characters can run in and out of. Paint the bottom of the float to resemble a city street and operate two portable spotlights on either side of the float. As "Batman" instrumental music plays from speakers on the float, have a cheerleader, in costume, be chased by the bad guy, then saved by the school superhero in the center of the float. As they run around the float, have the spotlight operators follow them. Once the bad guy is defeated, have him temporarily carted off by football players, with the scene replayed on the next block.

Team Superheroes

  • Make superhero capes for every member of the football team in school colors. Make black masks to cover their eyes as well. Have the football team members march alongside the float. On the float, have the school mascot standing at the highest point on the float wearing a superhero cape and mask. The cheerleading squad can ride the float with the mascot, dressed in complete superhero school-colored costumes and posed in superhero stances. Use the school colors to paint the base of the float with lighting bolts in school colors and place a large banner at the highest peak on the float that reads, "Our Super Heroes!"

Superheroes of the Year

  • This float is intended to identify students at the school who have made significant accomplishments up until homecoming week. This includes students in all areas of the curriculum and throughout all clubs and organizations, as well as all students who have made the honor roll list for the semester. Use mannequins dressed as superheroes on the float and paint the base of the float with superhero scenes from movies or comic books. Line the sides with school colored balloons. Label the float, "Superheroes of the Year" with a banner and have the most exceptional students stand on the float while the other students march alongside it.

Comic Book Superheroes

  • For this homecoming super hero themed float, you will need students to volunteer to dress as some of the most famous comic book super heroes, such as Superman and Wonder Woman. At the top of the float, place a banner that indicates superheroes support your team. On the base of the float, paint superhero comic book words, such as "Pow!" and "Bam!". Along the sides of the float, tack school-colored streamers that flutter as the float moves. Have the costumed students ride on the float in-character, while the team marches alongside the float. To accentuate the theme of the float, have the band march before it playing superhero songs, such as the theme from "Spiderman" or "Batman," for example.

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