Amphibians & Reptiles that Live in the Savanna


Savannas are grassland areas that have warm temperatures throughout the year, but not enough rain to produce full rainforest conditions. They are home to a number of amphibians and reptiles that thrive in the warm and moderately wet conditions. Some of the largest savannas in the world are found in South America, Australia, Thailand and India.


  • In the African Savanna, lizards include color-changing chameleon species like Meller’s chameleon or the flap-necked chameleon. Examples of savanna lizards in other parts of the world include the monitor lizards of the Australian savanna. Other lizards in this area include geckos, legless lizards such as Burton's legless lizard, bearded dragons like the eastern bearded dragon, and skinks such as the western blue-tongued skink. Lizards thrive in dry, hot conditions.


  • One common type of reptile that lives in the savanna is the crocodile. In Africa there are crocodiles called Nile crocodiles. They will hunt anything that wanders into a river area in the savanna, and they can grow to 15 feet in length. Another type of crocodile that lives in the grasslands of the African savanna is the West African dwarf crocodile. These grow to only about 6 feet in length and can live for up to 100 years.


  • Grasslands are an ideal habitat for snakes because they can hide in the high grass. An example of a type of snake that lives in the African savanna is the African rock python. They can grow as large as 20 feet in length, and are aggressive. Rock pythons have been known to prey on animals as large as antelope. Some of the deadliest snakes in the world live in savanna conditions, including the black mamba. Other snake varieties include those that eat eggs, or the Adder species of snake.

Toads and Frogs

  • Frogs such as the African clawed frog live in river areas near grassland savannas. This type of frog can actually change its color to blend in with the environment, just like a chameleon. Toads live a bit further away from the grassland rivers on land, and they come in many different varieties on the savanna, including African bullfrogs and the African common toad. Bullfrogs feed on different animals found in the grasslands, including mice, fish, insects, small birds and even other frogs.

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