Interview Questions for Soft Skills


Many job applicants prepare for the interview process by reviewing their technical skills and their practical qualifications. Soft skills compose a significant portion of the work day and assist the employee as she works with coworkers and clients. Soft skills play an important role in successful employee relations and include listening ability, empathy, socialization and communication ability. Interviewers often ask job candidates questions that allow the candidate to share their own soft skills.

How Do You Deal With Difficult Coworkers?

Interviewers ask this question to learn about the candidate’s rationality and self confidence. Difficult coworkers often react to work situations irrationally by spending time harassing other coworkers, withholding information or spreading rumors. The interviewer wants to learn how the job candidate handles coworkers who make the workplace unpleasant. The job candidate should discuss how he considers the coworkers actions to demonstrate his ability to rationalize the situation. He should also discuss his approach with the coworker and why he uses that approach.

How Do You Relate To Customers?

Interviewers ask this question to learn about the candidate’s social relational ability. Customers respond favorably to workers who relate to them and interact personally. Customers want to feel understood by the employee and feel comfortable interacting with her. These customers are more likely to do business with these employees and return to that employee with future needs. The job candidate should discuss ways that she connects personally with each customer and makes the customer feel valued.

Can You Describe Your Listening Skills?

Interviewers ask this question to discover how well the job candidate listens to others and hears what they say. Many people wait patiently for others to finish speaking, but not all of them listen to what the other person says. A successful employee listens to the ideas of others, learns from the other person and builds on the information. The job candidate should discuss his listening skills and share examples of what he learned by listening to others. The candidate also needs to listen to the interviewer throughout the interview to reinforce his response.

How Do Your Friends Describe You?

People describe their friends by talking about their soft skills rather than their technical ability. The interviewer asks this question to gain more insight into the job candidate’s interactions and soft skills. The job candidate should respond by discussing comments that her friends have made about herself and sharing examples when she demonstrates those traits.

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