Neon Colored Room Ideas

While there are many ways to make a statement with your room's decor, using bright colors is an ideal fit if you prefer a more modern style. In particular, incorporating neon colors in a room's design can add a contemporary flair to the overall look of the space. Finding the right way to introduce neon shades into a room's decor, however, can be difficult. Consider how dramatic a look you are comfortable with to help narrow down your options.

  1. Create an Accent Wall

    • Using a neon paint color to create an accent wall is an ideal way to incorporate a bright shade into your décor without overwhelming the space or giving your guests a 1980's flashback. Covering an entire wall in a neon color, however, has a significant impact on the look of a room, so you can still make a dramatic statement. In particular, you may want to use a neon accent wall in a dark room that does not receive much natural light. The neon color can help brighten the space and give it a more cheerful feel. Some neon colors that work well as accent walls include blue, green, yellow and orange.

    Pair with Neutrals

    • If an entire wall covered in neon is too much for your tastes, pair smaller neon accents with an otherwise neutral room. Add neon throw pillows to a beige, gray or tan sofa. Place a lamp with a neon colored shade against a cream colored wall. Display knickknacks such as vases, candlesticks or bowls that feature neon colors on a wooden mantle. With smaller objects, you can use as a bright neon shade as you like because the neutral tones in the rest of the room will balance out the bolder colors.

    Mix with Primary Colors

    • If you prefer a bold and daring look for your home, mix neon shades with other bright tones like primary colors. The pairing of neon and red, yellow and blue works best with a modern decorating style so look for furniture that features unusual, contemporary lines. Pair a primary blue or yellow sofa with pillows in a neon green or red shade, or find an area rug that features a pattern that contains both neon and primary colors. Add accent pieces throughout the room that are a mixture of the two color families so the space has an eclectic, almost futuristic feel.

    Try Splattered Walls

    • If your teenager wants to use neon colors to decorate her bedroom and you are not sold on painting the entire space such a bright color, splattered walls may be an effective compromise. Instead of painting the wall in one solid neon shade, you can use multiple colors and flick your brush at the wall to splatter the paint in random patterns. You can splatter the paint on any background color, but white walls highlight the neon colors best. If an entire room of neon-splattered walls is still too much for you, confine the splatter effect to one wall or area of the room for a more subtle look.

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