Ideas for Junior & Senior Pranks


Juniors and seniors in high school play pranks at school because they want to be remembered before they leave for college. A good prank should make everyone laugh; it should never hurt anyone. If you want to pull a prank on your school, make sure it is creative and harmless.


  • Animals wandering around in the hallways will certainly turn a few heads. recommends to release three animals of your choice into the school, whether they are mice, chickens or rabbits. Label the animals with the numbers 1, 2 and 4. The staff at your school will believe there is still a fourth animal loose and and may search for it the rest of the day.

Bouncing Balls

  • Purchase a few hundred rubber bouncing balls and put them in four or five buckets. Go to the top floor of your school and pour each bucket of balls in a steady pace. Other students will be surprised when they see hundred of rubber balls bouncing in front of them as they walk to their next class.

Cellphone Noise

  • Ask all the students in your class to turn their cellphone ringers on high during a lecture. Everyone should have the same ringtone. Have everyone turn their ringer on one minute after each other. Your teacher will certainly be annoyed when she hears all those cellphones go off during her lecture.

Slimy Doorknobs

  • Arrive to school early to put vaseline over the doorknobs in each room. When students turn the doorknob to leave a classroom, they will be left with slimy hands.

Superhero Vs. Villain

  • Dress up as your favorite superhero and ask your friend to dress up as a villain. For example, you could dress up as Batman and he could dress up as the Joker. Purchase your costumes at a costume store or online. Chase your friend throughout the hallways of your school. Your fellow classmates will get a good laugh when they see you two running through the hallways.

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