What Are Some Good Ways to Drink Remy Martin?

Remy Martin is a cognac distilled from white champagne grapes in France. Cognac is a brandy that must be grown, distilled and aged in Cognac, France, or one of its six surrounding viticultural (wine-growing) areas. The region's unique chalky soil, climate and centuries of distilling experience, make cognac unique among brandies. Cognac can be enjoyed alone as an aperitif, with food, or mixed into cocktails.

Remy Martin is a popular brand of cognac.
Remy Martin is a popular brand of cognac. (Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)
On Its Own

Remy Martin can be served neat (at room temperature), on the rocks, or "subzero" (frozen).

Assorted Remy Martin drinks being served
Assorted Remy Martin drinks being served (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)
With Food

Sip iced Remy Martin with smoked salmon or sushi. Sample Remy neat with fruit, such as peaches, apricots or dried apples. Enjoy your dessert with a snifter of cognac. Desserts that incorporate chocolate or cinnamon pair with Remy especially well.

Chocolates and Remy Martin
Chocolates and Remy Martin (Olga Aleksandrovna Lisitskaya/iStock/Getty Images)
Make a Sidecar

Fill a shaker half-full of ice. Add 2 oz. Remy Martin, 1 oz. Cointreau, and 1 oz. lemon juice. Shake thoroughly and strain into your favorite cocktail glass.

Sidecar drink
Sidecar drink (Ivan Mateev/iStock/Getty Images)
Make a Stanley Steamer

Add .5 oz. Remy, .5 oz. coffee liquer and .5 oz. Irish cream to a warm beer stein. Fill the stein almost to the top with coffee. Add a splash of orange liquer and whipped cream.

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