What Kind of Behavior to Expect From a Snowshoe Cat


Snowshoe cats typically are even-tempered in behavior. Generally smart, people-oriented and inquisitive, these rare cats are considered ideal for people who are new to feline ownership.

Basic Temperaments

Snowshoe cats usually possess self-assured and vigilant temperaments. Other traits commonly associated with these color-pointed cats include responsiveness, friendliness, adaptability and liveliness. Snowshoe cats are frequently referred to as having "bombproof" temperaments because not many things appear to bother them. With their calm, predictable natures, these medium-sized felines are perfect for showing.

Snowshoe cats tend to be vocal animals. Their meows are melodic and gentle.

Affectionate Family-Oriented Animals

Lovers of home life, snowshoe cats always want to be involved in household activities and like when their owners are nearby. Since snowshoe cats typically have affectionate temperaments, they're usually good matches for families and are suited to being around children. Not only do they generally thrive on human companionship, but they also are typically suited for life alongside fellow animals such as cats and dogs.

Since companionship is important to snowshoe cats, they don't do well when they're kept by themselves for extended stretches of time. If you're considering a snowshoe cat but spend a lot of time out of the house, you might want to think about getting two cats. Since they're extremely social in nature, their attention needs are often higher than those of other breeds. Some snowshoe cats have rather needy temperaments. They often don't appear to be aware they're felines and many even like sleeping next to their humans at night.

Lively Playful Cats

Snowshoe cats are, on the whole, highly energetic, playful creatures. They appreciate interactive play sessions with their owners. Some snowshoe cats can learn leash walking and several tricks, too. They love games of fetch and thrive in environments that include fishing rod toys and tall climbing frames, particularly those equipped with hammocks or tunnels.

Temperament Considerations

Although the majority of snowshoe cats are even-tempered, jovial felines, there are some exceptions. Snowshoe cats can occasionally be detached and withdrawn in temperament, particularly around unfamiliar faces. Some are even domineering and demanding. It's not always possible to predict exactly how any one snowshoe cat may act since they're all individuals.


  • Not all snowshoe cats appreciate being around other animals. Some of them are rather introverted cats who flourish solely in the company of their beloved humans.

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