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T-shirt reconstruction tutorials show innovative DIY fashion. If you have an oversized T-shirt, there are many options to turn it a stylish option. While some required light sewing, there are also many no-sew T-shirt modifications. Modifying your favorite band T-shirt can give you a whole new look.

There are many style options for modifying T-shirts.
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No-sew T-shirt makeovers involve a pair of scissors, tailor's chalk and a T-shirt. The easiest no-sew style is a halter top. This option is perfect for modifying oversize T-shirts. For T-shirts that fit closer to your size, a great no-sew modification is simply making an off the shoulder top. You can also modify the back by cutting slits or a design.

Halter tops are easy no-sew t-shirt modification options.
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Create a drawstring tube top either by hand or with a machine. Another great t-shirt makeover is an asymmetrical shirt. This makeover requires a bit more sewing than the drawstring tube top, but the end results are worth it. Sewing is great for T-shirt modifications because it allows you to create fitted tops accurately.

Creating a tube top out of a T-shirt requires minimal sewing and looks fabulous.
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For those with advanced sewing skills a number of T-shirt modifications options are available. Making your T-shirt into an ruched off-the-shoulder top is easy with the addition of elastic. You can also make a yoked top by combining a T-shirt with a button down collared shirt. Creating a contoured bust shirt also requires more expert sewing skills and results in a fashionable top.

Some T-shirt modifications require advanced sewing ability.
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Adding sleeves to a T-shirt is not as difficult as it may seem. Making a hoodie out of your t-shirt is another idea that involves adding to your T-shirt. These types of modifications allow you to be creative with the types of T-shirts or fabric you combine. These modifications require sewing.

Making a hoodie or adding sleeves are T-shirt modifications that use additional materials.
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