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World of Warcraft, commonly referred to as WoW, is a popular massive multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG). The in-game currency, gold, is collected from mobs, obtained through selling items at the auction house or exchanged between players. By farming, a term for repeatedly killing the same mobs or harvesting the same items, players can collect significant amounts of gold. Although specific rare items to farm constantly change with updates, the types of items remain consistent.

Armor and Jewelry

  • Players require gear with high stats to quickly level up and win duels with other players. Find and sell armor and jewelry and you can resell it to other players. Purple items and many blue items are rare, and will sell for a pretty penny on the auction house. Green items are uncommon and only certain green items have a high profit margin. White and grey items are common and rarely sell for much at the auction house.

Boss Drops

  • Certain bosses regularly drop rare items. To farm these items, they must be bind on equip or BoE not bind on pick-up or BoP. Farming boss drops requires that you repeatedly reach a boss as quickly as possible, kill him, then sell the drops in the auction house or over the trade channel. If you are an enchanter, it doesn't matter whether the items are BoE or BoP. You can disenchant any drops into shards to sell at the auction house.


  • The game WoW incorporates trade professions including leatherworking, alchemy, enchanting, jewel crafting, inscription, cooking, blacksmithing. To craft an item, players first need the recipe. Many recipes for the trade professions are only obtainable through drops. Rare recipes can sell for hundreds of gold in the auction house. If you farm these rare recipes you can make gold in WoW.

Items for Crafting

  • To make items with a trade profession, players need ingredients, referred to as mats. Often, mats include rare items such as certain ores, gems or herbs. Farm these desired items off of mobs or by fishing for them. Then, craft the mats into items to sell or sell the actual mats at the auction house and make gold.

Exotic Pets

  • Certain non-combat pets rare finds in wow. Many people like to collect pets and will pay a hefty sum of gold to purchase a rare creature. By farming and listing these rare pets in the auction house, you can make plenty of gold.

Auction House Items

  • Many players make considerable amounts of gold by farming the auction house. To farm the auction house you must have a good idea of what items normally sell for. Then you purchase the items when they are selling at well below market value and resell them on the auction house for a considerable profit.

Other Players

  • Although technically not an item, other players will often pay considerable sums of gold to higher level players to run them through instances. Basically a lower level player pays a higher level character to kill all the mobs, while the lower level character collects the experience and loot. Run a player through an instance several times and make a large amount of in-game gold.

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