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Special promotions can help you increase your customer base and encourage your customers to try out new things in your smoke shop. Some promotions, like package deals, free cigars or pipe tobacco samples, offer your customers important deals that help them sample multiple tastes, while cigar tastings are social events that bring your customers together.

Essentials Package Deals

  • You can offer your customers convenient packaged deals on their smoking essentials. For example, a small package with a bundle of pipe cleaners, new pipe tool and a box of matches is ideal for your pipe smokers and convenient enough to fit in one small bag. These little packages make it easy for your customers to pick up all of the things they need in one bundle and they become regular purchases for your customers, right alongside their tobacco.

Cigar Gift

  • Giving your customers a free sample cigar, with larger purchases, gives you the chance to share new cigars with your customers and your customers will love the addition. This is an excellent opportunity to turn your customers on to new cigars, or just to help them experience flavors from areas they would not normally try. Your regular customers will have a chance to sample multiple cigars, finding their own favorites amongst your stock, and aficionados can expand their tastes with new cigars.

Cigar Tastings

  • You can host your own cigar tasting, right in your store, where you invite your customers to come into your store for a fun social event. Provide many cigar samples for your customers to taste and large supply of cigars for them to purchase, once they find a few that they love. Cigar tastings should a social event, filled with friendly customers enjoying your store and enjoying your cigars, says Smoke Shop Magazine. While it does require a bit of an investment, you can encourage your customers to purchase plenty of their new favorites. Some of your suppliers may donate cigars or help defray costs. Consider featuring live cigar rolling video on monitors throughout your store (see Resources).

Pipe Tobacco Samples

  • Keeping a collection of pipe tobacco samples ready at your store allows your customers to purchase them for a reduced price and try out your store blends. Your customers can pick up a few different samples and try them at their own leisure, enjoying your flavors and determining which they would like to purchase in greater quantities. Your sample packages can be small, half an ounce to an ounce of tobacco, but make sure that you provide many different blend selections so your customers can try as many flavors as they would like.

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