What Is a Leadership-Styles Questionnaire?


Executive coaches and consultants may require both employers and employees to take leadership-style questionnaires. These multiple-choice surveys help leaders determine how they tend to react to particular situations at work and how their leadership style might affect their interactions with other employees. Leadership-style questionnaires are tools coaches might use to help a company operate more effectively.

Personality Test

  • Leadership-style questionnaires are personality tests designed to help you figure out what types of behaviors you tend to exhibit as a leader. Most leadership-style questionnaires ask a series of multiple-choice questions about different situations, attitudes and behaviors, and participants must choose the answer choice for each situation that fits them best. After completing the questionnaire, evaluators score it based on the percentage of answers leading toward a particular leadership style.


  • The purpose of leadership-style questionnaires is to determine your particular tendencies when leading. The questionnaire encourages participants to engage in self-reflection regarding their behavior as leaders and figure out whether their particular style fits the type of group they are attempting to lead. Leadership-style questionnaires also can expose biases that may interfere with effective leadership and help leaders become aware of ineffective behaviors.

Employee Perception

  • Leadership-style questionnaires also can test employees' perception of the group leader. Instead of having leaders fill out questionnaires about themselves, employees must fill out questionnaires about their bosses. Employees should answer the questionnaire anonymously for best results. Anonymity reduces fear that employers will retaliate for negative employee evaluations, thus allowing employees to be more honest about their perceptions of their employers' behavior. To be effective, these types of questionnaires should be short and easy to complete.

Sample Questions

  • Most questions on leadership-styles questionnaires relate to how a group leader handles certain common workplace situations. For example, leadership-style questionnaires might ask what an employer may do if employees are not getting along during a meeting or some employees seem to dominate all conversations about workplace projects. The questionnaire gives three or four possible reactions to each scenario. For example, one answer might be to end a meeting if employees disagree.

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