What Are the Predators of the Blue & Gold Macaw?


The macaw is a treetop dweller of the rainforest. They are large parrots with bright vivid colors, and classifications have been made based on their color variants. The blue and gold macaw, also known as the blue and yellow macaw is of the Aves classification. The macaw does not have many predators in the wild. According to the Oregon Zoo, snakes and deforestation are the largest threat to the macaw parrot. However, as a domesticated parrot, they are preyed upon by other domesticated pets in the home. Cats and dogs pose a huge threat to the macaw if safety measures aren't in place. Since the blue and gold macaw is just a color variant in the macaw species, their predators are the same as for any macaw.


  • Human are by far the largest predator of the macaw for many reasons. According to Animal Bytes, a website dedicated to animal information and discovery, humans hunt the macaw for their feathers and meat, and they smuggle their eggs and young to sell in the pet industry. Humans also deforest the macaw's habitat by cutting down trees and farming the land.


  • Outside of human contact, the eagle is the main predator of the macaw in the wild. The harpy eagle preys on the macaw while in the treetops and while in flight. According to The Peregrine Fund, a nonprofit bird conservation, the harpy eagle's hunting ability makes hunting birds easy to accomplish because of it's precise swooping ability. The eagle zooms in to the prey and never loses sight of it. Very rarely does it lose its prey.


  • Macaws do not do well on the ground, and they do not land on the ground unless they are in large groups of 30 or more. Snakes such as the boa constrictor and anaconda prey on macaws such as the blue and golden macaw. The snakes must work quickly to take down its prey since the macaw can just fly away. Luckily for the snake, the macaw is slow on it's feet.

Domesticated Pets

  • Other pets in the home, such as a dog or cat, pose a serious risk to macaws. If other domesticated pets are left unsupervised in the same room as your blue and gold macaw they can do serious damage to it. This is because macaws cannot tolerate a large blood loss. Birds do not carry a lot of blood in their body, and it can quickly become depleted, resulting in death. To prevent a death by another pet, your macaw should always be supervised closely.


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