The Best Ties With Yellow Shirts


If you've ever had someone ask, "You're not wearing that, are you?," then you may need some help knowing how to coordinate colors. Understanding color will not only help you know what color tie goes with yellow shirts, you'll know what color goes with any other color. Entire books have been written on color theory, many college courses are devoted to its study and it's difficult to find two color wheels that are exactly alike. However, learning the basics is simple. How you dress speaks a lot about you, so make sure you're making the right impression.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

  • Secondary colors of green, orange and purple are made by mixing the primary colors. Remember that primary colors yellow and blue make the secondary color green, red and yellow make orange, and red and blue make purple.

Analogous and Complementary Colors

  • Any three colors that are side by side on a color wheel are called analogous colors. Choose a green tie or an orange tie to go with a yellow shirt, and it's an analogous color combination that's pleasing to the eye. Picking a color and coordinating it with the color opposite it on a color wheel is a complementary color combination. Complementary colors are visually appealing because they create maximum contrast, which is why a purple tie is one of the best color choices to wear with a yellow shirt.

Choosing Color Combinations

  • Colors have meaning. Wear red when you want to project power, purple to suggest the air of royalty, blue to cool and calm your senses, and yellow to feel bright and sunny. Remember the seasons, and wear darker clothing in the fall and winter, and lighter clothing in the spring. The color of your hair and complexion may be better suited to certain colors. Remember what you were wearing when people compliment you, because it may be the color combinations you chose.

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