Do Bed Bug Traps Work?


Bed bugs are back from near-extinction and taking over metropolitan areas and travel hot spots faster than a cold spreads through a kindergarten class. Few bugs inspire so many creepy jitters that they have their own bedtime nursery rhyme. What's worse, once you have a case of bed bugs, it takes a serious commitment and a lot of work to get rid of them. While bed bug traps can be one tool in your eradication arsenal, they're not likely to work on their own.

Traps' Abilities

  • Traps work well at catching bed bugs and detecting infestations. Sometimes bed bugs hide in places that are difficult to detect. You may wake up with red bumps, and suspect an infestation, but come up empty when you search your bedroom. In this instance, traps are helpful at detecting bed bugs because they draw them out, then trap them. You can show the trapped bugs to an experienced exterminator for proper identification.

Traps' Inabilities

  • Traps can't eradicate bed bugs for one simple reason: they don't kill or destroy eggs. A mature female can lay up to 200 eggs at one time. Once she lays them, they're likely to hatch whether you trap the adult female or not. Traps are also limited based on the very nature of bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs can go long periods of time without feeding, so it isn't likely that all the bugs will respond to your traps.

Home and Business Owners

  • Traps are an excellent way for apartment managers, hotel owners and landlords to detect infestations. Regular use can trap bugs at the start of an infestation, which makes getting rid of the bugs easier and less expensive. Homeowners can place traps before they move in to a new home if they have reason to believe there might be an infestation. It's easier to treat a home before you move your belongings in.

Multiple Options

  • Bed bug eradication takes a multi-tiered approach. In addition to traps, you'll need to vacuum your bed and surrounding areas thoroughly and regularly. Encasing your mattress in a bed bug-proof mattress cover prevents bugs from nesting deep within your mattress, making them easier to detect and clean. Odds are, you'll need to enlist the services of an experiences pest control specialist with bed bug experience. It can take several treatments to get rid of the bugs.

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