The Best Sources of Advertising on the Internet


Internet advertising is one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising media. Companies and individuals alike have embraced it as a cheaper way to promote their products. Furthermore the nature of the Internet allows them to reach a global media that is not always the case with newspapers, radio or television. The more companies that invest in Internet advertising. the more it expands and opens up new niches. The opportunities seem endless; but as of early 2011, some sources were better than others.

Search Engines and Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • "Pay Per Click" advertising, or PPC for short, is one of the most widespread forms of Internet advertising. Google currently holds the majority of the market in this advertising medium. PPC advertising is very successful because it targets relevant consumers. Your ads show on web pages that are related to your products and you pay for each time a user clicks on the links to your website. PPC is one of the oldest forms of Internet advertising, and it still remains a great choice for targeted advertising.

Affiliate Programs

  • You can also create an affiliate program that helps with the promotion and selling of your products. Affiliates are members that sign up and promote your products on their websites. When a sale is made, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale. This is very similar to how sales work outside the Internet, where a salesperson receives a commission for completing a sale. Affiliate programs can also revolve around bringing in more traffic and generating leads for your business. While no sale is involved the affiliate gets paid for the traffic and leads referred to your website.

Social Media

  • One of the most popular recent sources of Internet advertising has been the use of social media. Social media encompasses a lot of different categories, such as social networking, with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter being the most recognizable. User-generated content is another category, with YouTube and Ning communities being in the lead. Other forms of social media marketing include blogging and podcasting. Advertising through social media is usually done by interacting with members of the community and introducing them to your business through your content that you create via articles, videos and blog posts.

Banner Advertising

  • Banner Advertising has become a popular Internet advertising medium, as it allows you to target potential customers through the websites they frequent. Banner advertising is similar to the traditional display ads found in newspapers and magazines. Banners are graphical advertisements purchased on popular websites weekly or monthly in an attempt to bring targeted traffic from the popular website back to the website of your business or service offering.

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