What Are the Five Qualities That Make the Best Managers?

An office is only as good as the person managing it.
An office is only as good as the person managing it. (Image: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A company is only as good as its employees and the people who manage them. A good manager can make the difference between a team that creates results and one that flat lines. When hiring an individual for a management position there are five qualities that make for the best managers.

Goal-Oriented and Motivated

A good manager will know what the task is at hand and set goals for his employees to reach. A manager should also know why the goal is important and help his employees clearly understand the importance of that goal. Managers should be motivated to reach these goals and inspire those working for them to do the same.


A management team is only as effective as the communication they bring to employees and the workplace. A good manager should be clear and concise with communication to employees. A manager needs to use effective communication skills such as giving an employee his full attention, the use of hand gestures when speaking or keeping eye contact. Employees have to be able to communicate with their manager and the manager should be approachable. A manager has to understand that a worker’s home life does affect his or her's work life. Managers need to be able to communicate with employees and be flexible when it comes to things like sick children or spouses. Employees cannot feel that their job is threatened or that they cannot communicate to their manager when a home issue arises.

Leading by Example

A manager should lead his team by example. For example, just as employees are expected to show up to work on time and be ready to get the job done, the manager should showcase this same behavior. A manager that shows employees good work habits in his own job are more respected by those he leads.

Motivating Rewards

The best managers will motivate their team. This not only means motivating by setting goals, but also by offering rewards and noticing when an employee is exceeding expectations. Rewards can be things such as bonuses or pay raises for good work. Simple rewards can be things such as gift cards, a company certificate or simply telling an employee that his hard work does not go unnoticed.

Promoting Improvement

The best managers should not only motivate, but help promote improvement with the employees she manages. That means offering training and materials that an employee needs in order to get her job done correctly. A good manager will ensure her employees have up-to-date equipment and offer training on new materials that come into the workplace as well.

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