Blonde Going Brown Ideas

Try a new look by going brunette.
Try a new look by going brunette. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Blonde hair has its share of allure, but having the same hair color for a long time can get tiring. Brunette hair colors are sexy and sultry. Being blonde right now doesn’t mean you can’t step outside your comfort zone and try a new and richer color on your locks.

Search For Inspiration

It’s best to zero in on exactly what you want before either visiting a stylist or trying to color your own hair. A great idea is to look at celebrities who have made the switch from blonde to brown. Look through pictures and narrow down your vision. See which celebrities have gone brown successfully and figure out what you like about their color. Keep an eye out for the color you want most. Do you prefer darker browns? Do you want to make the switch to brown without giving up your lighter tone? Browns are available in dark, medium or light tones. You can even add highlights of several different browns to add dimension to your color.

Find Your Fit

Look at your skin coloring. Do you have cool or warm undertones? If you’re unsure, consider this: those with fairer skin that burns easily tend to have cool undertones. In other words, their skin has more pink in it. Those with olive or brown skin that tans easily generally have warm undertones.

Your skin will affect the shade of brown you should choose. Those with cool undertones look best in shades of brown with the words ‘ash’ or ‘cool’ in them. Those with warm undertones look best in shades called ‘warm’ or ‘golden.’ Some shades use the word ‘neutral’ in them, and these tend to suit almost every skin type.

Some may say that the lighter your skin is, the lighter the shade of brown you choose should be. The same is often said about how dark your skin is and how dark your hair should be. This isn’t necessarily true. Think about the striking combination of fair skin and deep brown hair. It all depends on what you’re going for.

Ease Into It

Blonde to brown can be a dramatic difference. While some people aren't afraid of a bold change, others may be more apprehensive. If you’re a little nervous about whether or not it’ll suit you, try it out a little more cautiously. Dye your entire head a light or lightest brown shade, then get dark blonde highlights throughout. The overall look will be a little browner than your old color, but it will still have enough blonde to help you make the transition more easily.

Keep This In Mind

Such a dramatic change might leave you feeling not like yourself. You may have come to identify with being a blonde, so dyeing it brown may only be a phase. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out. Just don’t be surprised if you realize that blonde is really the color you’re meant to stick with. Or who knows? You may end up staying on the dark side for good.

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